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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy helps people change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that they can live their lives how they want to


Hypnotherapy deals predominantly with the unconscious mind and can deliver results in a shorter time than most talking therapies

Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy can help heal relationships where conflict is present between two people


BWRT is a innovative new therapy which does not need the client to necessarily need clients to divulge the content of their troubling memory


Apsyche Ltd offers a practical approach to psychological therapies. Whether you are looking for counselling, CBT, solution focused work, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy Apsyche has the service for you. Many people go through distress in their lives and sometimes feel as though there is nothing they can do to help themselves. That is where I can help you to sort out your anxieties, stresses, phobias, troubles and much more. If one therapy does not help or suit your needs there is always another approach.

Please have a browse around my sight and contact me if you feel I can help.

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