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Relationship Therapy


Relationship and couples therapy is different to individual counselling and psychotherapy in that the therapist works with two or more clients in the room at one time. Relationship and couples therapy used to be referred to as marriage guidance and the focus was on a romantic couple. Today, however, it is seen in a wider context where people in many different types of relationships can find it useful to seek therapy. It is very important to point out that relationship therapy is not about blame. A good therapist will not take sides and therapy should not be "it was all the other person's fault" and therapy is more usefully focused on what went wrong, where can we go from here and how can we get our relationship back on the right track? It can be hard work, however, it can be well worth doing.

Examples of why people may enter relationship therapy may be:

  • A mother and daughter who are arguing on how to bring up the grandchildren
  • A parent and adult child who have issues relating to their history together
  • Siblings who cannot get on
  • Friends who have had a traumatic argument in their relationship.
  • Couples who are in danger of losing their relationship, perhaps because an affair
  • Gay or Lesbian couples
  • Couples who have just lost touch with each other, perhaps after raising children
  • Couples who disagree about having children
  • Sexual difficulties within a relationship
  • People who just want to communicate together more effectively

Issues that may bring clients to relationship therapy:

Many issues can bring clients into therapy- affairs, betrayals, cross cultural relationships, family issues, jealousy, pre-nuptial, separation and divorce, sexual difficulties, step family issues, societal pressures, relationships with a difference etc.

Whatever relationship a client may be in, I am trained to be able to help support and guide you through your difficulties and have an informed knowledge and understanding of the particular issues that impact relationships which do not necessarily fit the "norms" set out by society. I cannot guarantee you will stay together at the end, although many people do, that is up to the two of you, however, at least you will know you have tried. If you decide you do not want to stay together, I can also help you to part amicably.

Session Fees for relationship therapy:

£55 per session


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